Sunday, 29 May 2011

Roll up, roll up.... all the fun of the fair

I'm very excited to report that in August I am going to be taking a stall at my first ever fair!!  I was contacted via my Etsy shop the other day by Beverley from The Style Fair and she invited me to take a stall as she thought that my art work would fit in with the ethos of what the event is about.  The idea is to promote the recycling of fashion by re-selling vintage clothes and high end second-hand items and also includes stalls selling handmade jewellery,  handbags, fashion accessories, handmade soaps and toiletries - all sorts of things -  they like to promote new designers and local 'home grown' artists.  

My mind has been going into overdrive thinking about what I can stock my stall with.  I'm going to have printed greetings cards and postcards and I would also like to have some original art in both watercolour and acrylic.  I even went to my local art shop and bought 16 mini canvases in 3 different sizes (basically all they had left in stock!) and the very lovely S came home yesterday with 2 brand new sets of acrylic paints and a set of paintbrushes for me!! (Having read that acrylic dries much more quickly than oil and can also be used to the same effect as watercolour, I'm going to give it a go!)

At the end of her email, Beverley put 'P.S Can we have some cats please' - well, I am only too happy to oblige as I love cats as much as dogs, having adopted waifs and strays when I was working abroad several years ago!  

This is a sketch in watercolour and ink I did prior to attempting it on canvas and its called "Cat Flapper" (in keeping with my love of terrible, corny titles!) I decided to follow on from the Walkies idea where we only see the bottom half of the women walking the dogs.  In this one we can see more of her as she is sitting down but I wanted her to still remain faceless - I like the idea that we never really know who she is or what she looks like.  I also decided to keep with the idea of women from bygone eras and so the series will be called "Purrfect Nostalgia!"

Cat Flapper
I have so many ideas running around my head so now just to get them all down on paper and canvas before August!


  1. oh I love the cats paw resting on the womans foot,, just lovely,, such a story in that painting,, thankyou for visiting,, many of my trees are blobs too,, thats for sure,, have a good day,, or night it is now where you are,,

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to do to prepare for that fair. Your cat flapper is wonderful! Valerie

  3. Congratulations thats great news.
    Loving this latest picture and am sure loads of other people will as well. Annette

  4. Adore this ...Purrrfect title!

    Congrats with the'll do great!


  5. Purrfect work and even a Cats request...that's wonderful! I'm so excited for you, my friend!! Can't wait to see what your stall will look like!

  6. Congratulations on being invited to participate in the fair! "Cat Flapper" is perfect for the venue! You go girl!

  7. I just LOVE these quirky paintings of yours!
    Do you remember Tom and Jerry? We could never see the owners face - Just her legs! It always left us wondering what she'd look like, lol! I love that idea. And the vintage style is perfect :0)

  8. congratulations.....enjoy the journey of getting everything ready....and then let the smooth sailing begin :)

  9. This is absolutely tooooo darn adorable for its own good!! I just love it! What a sweet face you created for the cat...just purrrrrfect,,,,meow!


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