Monday, 20 June 2011

A weekend of old art and ill men...

So, we went up home to visit my folks at the weekend.  It was Father's day in the UK and we planned to take my dad out for a meal.  When we got there though, poor old dad was feeling miserable and heavily dosed with a cold and chest infection. He absolutely did not feel up to going out for dinner but, bless him, he kindly suggested we go on out for the meal without him. As the whole purpose of going to a restaurant was to celebrate Father's day it wouldn't really be much of a celebration if we left the guest of honour at home!

We ended up getting pizza and staying in instead, which is our favourite way to spend most Saturday nights anyway so S and I were quite content. 

Mind you, there must've been something in the air that only men could catch as S then ended the weekend with some kind of stomach bug. All in all not really a great weekend for the health of the men in my family.

On the upside, while I was at my parents' house, I noticed that there was quite a lot of my old art work adorning their walls (isn't parental pride quite something!)  and I remembered a series of cat paintings I had done about 15 years ago, 3 of which I had framed as a gift for my mum.  

I had originally painted them when I returned home from working abroad as a holiday rep, was completely disillusioned with the travel industry and planned a career as a greeting card designer - before a few rejection letters squashed my spirit and my enthusiasm and I put my paints away for another few years and got on with working 9-5.

Anyway, the pictures are hanging in my parents' bedroom and so I took some photos but, again, you'll have to forgive the quality, as they are behind glass.  I'm going to try to replicate them for my Purrfect Nostalgia series which I'm working on for the Style Fair so maybe they'll end up being sold as greetings cards after all - just 15 years later than intended!!


  1. Glad your Father's Day worked out well in the end. These pictures are superb and its total justice that they should end up as originally intended.

  2. There are no greeting cards out on the market that can top your work...when it comes to cute and cuddliness. Love those adorable cats!

    I'm sorry that your dad wasn't feeling well (or your husband) but I'm glad you got to spend the evening at home with him enjoying each other's company. That's what Father's Day is all about...togetherness.

    Have a fantastic week!!

  3. hope everyone has recovered,, those are adorable, I love them,, and of course your mum hangs them,, I have my daughters work still up,, she;s in her 30's she did them 20 years ago,, we mums are proud of our kids,,your mum loves you and is obviously very proud and so she should be,, ypou're very talented,, it those card companies loss,

  4. Haha, "a bug only men can catch", and nice call on the pizza. It's nice to be together especially on certain events.

    I also think it's adorable and awesome your parents still have these paintings up! I think they are graet and forget those greeting card companies. These are very cute.

  5. So that's what you were doing in our bedroom !!. My little kittens ( or should that be your little kittens) look good on your blog.

  6. What a shame that your weekend wasn't as you had hoped. I hope all of the men in the family are well again now!
    Your cats are so cute! I think you would be such a perfect card designer :0)

  7. What a wonderful kitty threesome!

  8. thanks as always for your kind comments. the men folk are on the mend thankfully and normality has been restored!


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