Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ice Creamy Sunday...

Well, it is a definite diary moment as the Sun Is Actually Shining And The Sky Is Blue - so momentous an occasion here that I felt the whole phrase deserved to be in bold with capital letters!

So as it's a Sunday and it's finally sunny and warm, this Twisty Town seemed entirely appropriate.  This one was inspired by an ice cream sundae - the round scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with chocolate and raspberry sauce dripping down over fresh strawberries and raspberries and of course the chocolate flake and round wafer stuck in the top!

Ice Cream Sundays

I should be outside enjoying the sunshine while it's here but these Twisty Towns won't paint themselves so I'll make do with open windows to allow a fresh breeze (and a squillion flies!) into the house instead!


  1. I love your twisty towns and this Ice cream Sunday one is PERFECT!(i really like the colors)

  2. I'm thinking about the ice cream so much that I cant concentrate on your painting! I actually tried to mimic your twisty paintings as a bit of a laugh.....well the less said the better!! x

  3. Loving your series of twisty towns. x

  4. Love your twisty towns, and the colours are lush. There are a lot of twisty buildings in Düsseldorf built by Gehry, here is the link if you are interested;

    Hugs, Valerie

  5. Just love the ice cream twisted homes and the tides too!thanks for your nice words about our home and my flower bouquet on PPF.take care, gerri

  6. This is so pretty! And whimsical :). I love the sorbet colors!

    I am not sure if you saw my comment on how to make crackles more visible by rubbing paint into them in one of your previous posts. If you are still experimenting with crackling check it out.

  7. What a delicious drawing! Perfect for a hot and sunny Sunday like today. I love the way your mind works, chica. :)

  8. This IS a neat series, so cool. Cool in a good and interesting way.

    I'll be stalking back to see the rest of these.
    yikes my comment is lame.

    my lame comment is my lame way of letting you know that a very tired amy came to visit your blog.


  9. How many is a squillion, Nicola? :) I like how you are inspired by an ice cream sunday and create a town in those colors. Whimsical, indeed.

  10. Another wonderful twisty town!! Love the colours and the fact that you finally got some sun!


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