Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Purple Haze...

So,  clearly the scheduled post button on Blogger doesn't work as I had scheduled this to post on Tuesday last while we were away in Kerry and far removed from mobile phones, wifi, internet access and blogging! Obviously, it didn't, so as we've just arrived home after an 8 hour journey back from possibly the most beautiful part of Ireland and I'm looking forward to an evening of vegging on the sofa with S and the dogs, I thought I'd post this now seeing as it was already written and ready to go! I got sooo much Twisty Town inspiration in Kerry, by the way - the whole county seems to be made up of impossibly quirky and cute little villages set amongst amazing hills and mountains - but don't worry I'll be boring you with all the photos later in the week!

So, this time I thought I'd do a lonesome Twisty House all on its own.  It started off in shades of pink, travelled through some blues and ended up purple before I was finally happy with it.  The neon pinky bits are a happy accident - no idea how they came to be but I kinda like them!


  1. Love this piece and so happy you're part of artsee bloggers and proudly displaying your button! Thanks! Happy Saturday

  2. beautiful,, love twisty town!!!Welcomehome,,

  3. Terrific, love your twisty houses

  4. Visiting from Artsee and love what I'm seeing all these fantastic little canvasses XOXO Zoe

  5. Geri, thank you so much for creating artsee blogge and i'm looking forward to getting time to browse all the blogs linked to it.

    Netty and Laurie, thank you both for always leaving me such lovely comments-they make my day!

    Zoe, thanks for stopping by. I'm off now to return the favour and have a wee nosy round your blog!


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