Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The fatal flaw in my liberation attempt...

You might remember a couple of months ago I signed up to take part in Kat Sloma’s Liberate your Art project where each participant sent off 5 postcards to Kat and once she had received them all she then sent out 5 at random to each participant along with one of her own so that in total we would each receive 6 postcards from anywhere and everywhere.

Well, I was super pleased that I had printed my postcards off (albeit slightly upside down depending on which way you turned the card over to see the writing on the other side!) and got them posted off to Kat in America before the deadline of 15 July 2011. I had decided to write an art quote on each of the cards and was equally pleased I’d done that without any spelling mistakes!

The one thing I overlooked and which only became apparent on receipt of the first postcard in the swap was that I had completely forgotten to include any details of who I am or where my blog can be found!! D’oh – as far as sending my art out into the world goes in a bid to reach new as yet unknown fellow bloggers and artists, it was, as my stepson would say, an epic fail! Not much point in trying to promote my artwork around the world if I don’t bother to mention who I actually am!

So, once all the cards had been posted by Kat and received by the participants, Kat invited us all to blog link to her website Kat Eye View so that we could each learn more about who we sent art to and who we in turn received art from. This was to be done over the weekend of 26-28 August – another failure on my part as I am only getting round to doing it now.

I have a good excuse in that I was bopping away to Bjorn Again – an amazing Abba Tribute band in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace in England where we were over visiting my sister for the weekend.  Look - photographic evidence!

My sister and me enjoying a nice pear cider!

Abba Tribute band, Bjorn Again

Bjorn Again - they were fab!

Also to date I have received 4 cards and the 1 that Kat herself sent so I was sort of waiting until I received all 6 before blogging about the project. I'm guessing that the last 1 got lost in the post however and so, with many huge apologies, I am adding this very late post to the blog link (if it isn't too late!).

Just to recap - and for anyone who might read this who received one of my cards so that you know who sent it after all - these are the cards I sent out into the world via Kat:-

I also went through all the blogs who’ve linked up about the project so far but only came across 2 who’ve received my postcards – I wanted to leave a comment to let them know I'm the absentminded artist who sent the anonymous postcards! Maybe the others haven’t gotten round to blogging yet either which may mean I’m not the last to the party after all!

Anyway, huge thanks to Kat who undertook a big old job as there were:-

1020 pieces of art in total

By 170 participants

From 37 US states

And 13 countries

That’s a lot of sorting out and all while she was packing up to move from Italy back to Oregon!


  1. A rather large project! Hope it all turns out well in the end. I think your Afghan doggie card is my favourite. 'Super trouper' infact!

  2. So glad the mystery is solved - thanks for visiting and introducing yourself!! I too was only able to find 2 of my cards and never heard where the others ended up even though I DID remember to include my info. Anyway, lots of fun and what a diversity of art!! Oh, LOVE Abba and have every single album that they every made!

  3. That's a great project. Glad everything was straightened out.Great postcards and how fun. Looks like you and your sis were having fun. Hope all is well. Sorry I haven't been around but still commuting on and off. I am home this evening so I'm trying to catch up. Have a wonderful rest of the week, take care.

  4. It was really a great project, and I am sure others forgot to put their names on, too! But whoever received your cards will surely have loved them, anonymous or not! Valerie

  5. This swap was so fun! I just wish everyone would blog about it cause I haven't seen any of my cards blog hopping. I know where two of mines landed cause I got an e-mail but have no clue where the rest of them are. You really got beautiful returns and your's are just wonderful.:)

  6. Your post made my smile - That is exactly the sort of thing I would do! I love the idea of sending out cards around the world to :0)

  7. At least you found two! Just know that the rest of them are out there, making the other participants happy. Thanks for your great participation in the swap! I hope you'll participate again next time, lessons learned and all.

  8. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you got one of my cards. You are the second person who I know got a card. It's good to see that one made it across the ocean.
    I got one from New Zealand, how cool is that?! I love your work, so I'll definitely be stopping back by to see what you are up to.

  9. Thanks for your comments and I'm so glad that I've made some great new connections through the liberate your art project. Kat, I'd love to participate in the next one and yes, I'll definitely remember to put my details on the next time although it's quite reassuring to know I'm not the only one who forgot this time around!


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