Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Green, green grass of home....

Of course, that's a song about Wales and I've never been there (apart from a work training course in Cardiff back in 1993 which was anything but green, if I remember correctly) but I couldn't think of another title, sorry!

This is Twisty Town number 12 of 15. Phew, we're nearly there. Now, I've just got to try and sell the wee blighters on Saturday!

This is similar in style to the original twisty town that I did in the Sketchbook Project 2011 but this time I decided to do it in green.  I planned on sticking to the one colour palette for all of the canvasses but then once I did a couple of the multi-coloured ones it seemed that folk preferred them so it will be interesting (and nerve-wracking) to see which, if any, are the first to sell at the fair.  I suppose I was thinking that if people have a specific colour scheme in their home they might like a painting in that colour but, equally, I guess folk might like the multi-coloured one just to brighten up a neutral room.  I can but hope!


  1. wow, I can't wait to see these on display,, amazing! This green one is lovely,, very calming,

  2. Love the green twisty town! It has cool minty quality to it, What a great series, every new installment is neat and interesting in different way!

  3. Another beautiful twisty town! Good luck with the sale on Saturday! Valerie

  4. I love all these twisty towns. Soon you will no longer have a twisty town, but a twisty city!


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