Monday, 8 August 2011

Time for a new season...

Winter Blues

I don't know about anyone else but I am officially over summer, or what passes for summer around these parts.  I long to live somewhere with distinct seasons - where come June I can put my boots and sweaters away until at least the end of September.  

We can't plan for any outdoors activity here with any real hope that the weather will play ball. Just the other day I phoned S from the train station in Belfast to see if he wanted to meet me at the park with the dogs because the sun was out and the sky was blue only to arrive in Bangor 30 minutes later to be greeted with grey skies and rain!! The unpredictable appearance of the sun here necessitates me bringing both umbrella and sunglasses everywhere I go - just in case.  I could leave my coat at home some days only for the heavens to open 20 minutes later.  Aggh.  Of course, the other side of the whinging coin is that while we Irish complain non-stop about our rubbish weather at least we don't need to worry about our homes being hit by tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes. Yes, we're pretty safe from weather extremes, I suppose.

Anyway, I've noticed a definite shortening to the days already and I can't help but look forward to winter when at least I can leave my sunglasses at home and replace them with gloves instead.  With that in mind, this Twisty Town seemed appropriate - I did this a while ago just after Rosy Reflections which was all about summer heat and this made me nostalgic for the cold, frosty winter breaks S and I have take for the last few years.  Roll on winter, I say, you know where you are with an Irish winter and I for one am looking forward to complaining about the snow instead!


  1. Welcome to the one-year-one-weather club! Same here in Germany! Valerie

  2. Yes I can say with all certainty that summer is over...........I actually love snow and winter! Another great twisty painting xx

  3. I'm with you,, bring on fall,, great painting,, quite a collection you have of these,, beautiful!

  4. Yes, a twisty town full of snow and cool sweet it is! I miss the seasons as well, and at the moment we are in what is called "hurricane season!" it's basically summer with a little fear factor. Love your paintings, chica!!

  5. I'm tired of the humidity and ninety degree days! We used to have four seasons now it's just hot to cold. Spring and fall are just a whisper.
    I don't wish for winter though. All it is here in NY is cold,sleet,rain,snow and Grey! I like sunshine and being able to walk the dog.
    When the dog is squinting at the wind and running to get inside and the cat won't venture out at all, I know that winter has begun.
    Painting for me leaves that all behind. I love your twisty, turning houses and hills they remind me of happy version of Tim Burton.

  6. No, no, no, I refuse to let summer be over! Its summer all year, for me, despite the falling leaves and signs of fall. I love the dogs eye below! Wow! so much detail! and your city scenes are so enchanting and original. Great work!

  7. I like the spring because we can look forward to brighter days. I like the summer because of the long, warm days, I like the Autumn because of the cozy evenings in front of the fire and the beautiful colours... but I don't like winter!
    Just LOVE your Twisty series :0)

  8. craftattack, i always though Germany had warm summers? must be the same as uk and ireland now then! rubbish, isn't it!

    rosa lily and laurie, i do love the colder days-at least you know where you stand and how to dress!

    ileana- i love that description, summer with the fear factor! i can't imagine the weather extremes that hit parts of the States and i wouldn't like constant humidity-no good for the hair!

    denni, you're right having to walk the dogs in muck and rain are the worst parts of winter but then its been like that this summer here anyway so at least in winter theres a chance the muck might freeze solid!

    Katherine, thanks for the comment on the pointy dog portrait. i'm guessing you live somewhere with lovely summers? i wouldn't want it to end if i lived there either!

    Sandra, hope does spring eternal every spring but then summer never fails to disappoint! autumn is good described as you've done but i think winter is even better especially cos i can get all excited about Christmas and being off work!


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