Sunday, 29 January 2012

A bridge over troubled water...

In my last post I bored you all with the details of our photography workshop and the photos I took on the day.  I mentioned that my camera had a problem with the thumbwheel (which was clearly the only reason why I wasn't producing the amazing photographs I pictured in my head).  S took it to a camera shop and they advised that, as cameras go, what with new technology meaning they update approximately every 5 seconds, my camera was quite old and that it might be pretty expensive to send it away for repair with no guarantee that it would actually work at the end of it.

So, one night last week, I came home from work and S said that he had a surprise for me which he'd give me after dinner.   He'd only gone and got me a brand spanking new FujiFilm bridge camera - the one that is more than just a compact digital but not quite an SLR.  (A couple of the men on our photo workshop had these bridge cameras and I had commented on how clear their photos were and how nice and neat the cameras were compared to the quite unwieldy SLR I had and S, being S, had stored the information way for a later date!)  He explained that it's an early birthday present (it's not til 9 February) but that I needed it now so I could learn how to work it before Krakow next week.

I've spent the last few days trying to master the shallow depth of field/blurry background thing and the rainy window thing but let's just say it's still a work in progress!!


  1. What a lovely surprise and a great looking camera! Happy snapping :D

    1. thank you, I hope I can do it justice!!

  2. That is so sweet! :) A great early birthday gift.:)

  3. what a sweet heart, now thats love!

  4. You are a lucky ducky ... have an amazing time in Krakow, I expect some stunning shots!

  5. You are a lucky ducky ... have an amazing time in Krakow, I expect some stunning shots!

  6. Oh wow! What a LOVELY surprise! I will be interested to hear how you get on with it :0D

  7. Congratulations on your early birthday gift! And that S is too much! He's a keeper!

  8. lucky you! thanks for the info -- i'm on the search for a new camera and will look into his one!

  9. Lovely camera. Looking forward to having Reuben and Brodie (well Reuben anyway) for the five days you are in Krakow - just joking Brodie. You got a good one when you got S.


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