Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thurso Time...

Face 19  - German Shepherd & sketch 22 of 75

Well, the boiler emergency repair man arrived on Tuesday (day 5 of no heating or hot water) with the replacement timer switch.  It seems that up in the far north there exists a slower, more relaxed pace of life that S and I have taken to referring to as 'Thurso Time'.  With that in mind, I  guess 5 days for a replacement part for a boiler emergency is quite quick! 

Anyway it's very lovely to no longer walk around carrying my 'water baby' as S fondly refers to the hot water bottle I kept shoved down the front of my jumper! 

Face 20 - Siberian Husky & sketch 23 of 75

In animal news, another cat at the shelter had a kitten at the weekend. Just the one.  But sadly one of the three kittens that were born at the shelter on Friday died, poor wee soul. The cat that I had taken a shine to got re-homed which, as he was 12 years old, is brilliant news as he'll hopefully get to live out the rest of his days in a cosy house.  

I've been spending more one-on-one time with the dogs and it's really interesting to see how different their personalities all are. I've been practising my Victoria Stillwell training methods trying to discourage any bad habits and create some good ones (pity it never entirely worked with my own two!) 

Face 21 - English Toy Spaniel & sketch 24 of 75

In art news, when we first got here I called into a shop in town that frames and sells paintings to ask how artists go about getting their work sold in their shop. The shop owner told me to bring some of my work in and explained how it works - they frame it and it gets hung on a sale or return basis.  I don't have any completed pieces that I think they would stock at the moment so I'm working on that but in the meantime, I took a selection of my greeting card designs in on Tuesday and fingers crossed they might sell some of them.  

Face 22 - quite possibly the weirdest looking pug ever, sorry  about that!! Also sketch 25 of 75 

I'm working on a painting at the moment, a couple of hours here and there along with my sketches - I'm still linking with 29 Faces and still doing the 75 day sketch challenge although, to be honest, it is starting to feel like a bit of a chore but only because I chose to sketch dogs and can't seem to keep it as loose and 'sketchy' as I had planned.  

Mind you, I think you'll notice that from this point on the sketches are definitely not as detailed as those I've done previously and as for that pug - I started with his nose and worked out - bad idea!  

Twice now I've gone three days without doing a sketch then sat and done three at once! Not really the idea of the daily challenge but still at least I'm playing catch up and I'm determined to finish the whole 75 days! Perhaps that slower Thurso time is working on me too!  I'm linking with Paint Party Friday as well as 29 Faces and will, as always, try to get round as many folk as possible over the weekend.

You can read my other post from the week here:



  1. You are one busy lady. I really love your drawings--they are anything but sketches. Excellent pen work. A 75 day commitment is really quite a challenge--unless you limit the time to twenty minutes, no more, giving you more time to paint or draw. I bow to your determination.

  2. Love the sketches. Shame about the kitten. Glad the old cat got re-homed and you've got your boiler fixed... brilliant news :)

  3. Just fantastic...the dogs face looking up! Wow. So many wow's here. hope you are warm by now.

  4. omg, your animal sketches are fabulous!! And i actually LOVE the pug. (most of them are weird looking anyway! A cute kinda weird. LOL) Beautiful work. xox

  5. Amazing sketches, your dogs are so life like! HPPF

  6. These are gorgeous. I would love to have you sketch my dog - she's a brindle beauty (collie/bulldog cross).

  7. Hard to pick a fav, but the French Bulldog is it. Such expressive eyes! Happy PPF!

  8. Well I think the sketches are AMAZING!! I love the huge eyes!
    Mine are very simple sketches - barely even that - and I'm finding even that a chore! But I think it's because I am MAKING my self do it as apposed to feeling like doing it. So, often mine are 3 - 5 minute sketches! Mind you, I'm on Day 52 now, so it's hardly any wonder! Once the challenge is over, I plan to do a couple of sketches a week instead, but make them a little more interesting - add a little colour and detail! Meanwhile, I'm getting in to a good habit :0)
    Hey - maybe you could become one of those freelance Dog-Whisperers! :0)

  9. So sorry you were without heat and hot water...I'd die!! ;)You're work is amazing!! I love all your dogs! Your sketches are just wonderful! Have you done an Australian Shepard?

    I hope your cards and art sell well in the shop....I'm sure they will! Happy PPF!

  10. You do the most amazing drawings of these dogs! Must have been a right bummer being without the heating for that long...hope all is cosy now :)

  11. Great sketches. Hope that shop sells some of your work! Valerie

  12. Loving your sketches and have just noticed the short time you did them in, awesome. Good luck with the shop, but am sure your cards will sell quickly and you will soon get commissions for your artwork. Happy PPF, Annette xx

  13. Great, great doggie sketches, love them all, but the line work on the first one is just fabulous! <3

  14. These drawings are amazing. So very detailed. Love them all and you can see how much love you put into these beautiful creatures. I wish you luck selling your work and lots of good luck on the cards. I'm sure you will do well. Congrats. ::sending lots of luck:: Eh, don't need the luck, you will do well, but sending it anyway. take care.

  15. 75 days straight of sketching is a big commitment, and your work is so detailed it must get to be a chore at times, but we get to see the wonderful results so I quite selfishly hope you continue... and have to say I have no clue how you go to the shelter and not bring all of them home... I would be the crazy dog lady in about two weeks flat... and the cards will sell like hot cakes... your work is stunning
    T xx

  16. Nic so glad you popped by I can only get to you through my comment section. Every time I try any other way I get rerouted to a google page.... strange. I tried every link on it to no avail!! I tried both links on ppf too!!

    You dog faces are fabulous! Such a dog lover you have my heart here!! As for the trying to train the other unlike your own two I had to chuckle. I was the same with mine. I swore this time I would be different. We may be adopting the dog we babysit....and she is already She's not even ours yet!! Your art and words rock!!

    Good luck on selling some of your art!! It should go quickly!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. So many wonderful sketches capturing such diverse little personalities! Glad to hear you have heat and that you are having fun at the shelter.

  18. Nic, I am always fascinated by your work. Each dog is my favorite until I see the next one. By the end I always decided I can't pick a favorite because I love them all. I am so glad that you now have heat and hot water. That must have been hard.

    Good luck with the cards. I am sure the shop will be excited to get them as well as all of your work. Lucky people who get to see your art in person. Have a wonderful week.

  19. The German Shephard looks very wise, and that toy spaniel so cute. I hope you'll sell lots of greeting cards. Might be an idea to go to an animalshop, or a vet, and leave some of your cards for sale there. And tell them you do custom work. You're so good in sketching (well, I wouldn't really call it sketching, it's way more than that), I'm sure people with dogs and cats would love to order a sketch from you! Wonderful that your heater got fixed :-)

  20. They are all gorgeous and adorable. :) I have trouble with daily challenges as well. Like you I take a rest and then make up for it. :)

  21. Fantastic and more fantastico. Happy belated PPF.


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