Sunday, 19 May 2013

An armadillo and a very lucky sparrow...

Sketch 62 of 75 

This week I actually have a bird tale with a happy ending. Last Wednesday I was at the re-homing centre and I was washing up the food bowls when I heard loud chirps. 'Oh, has someone brought in a bird?' I wondered. I walked out to the corridor to listen at the door of the small animal room, waiting for the chirps to come again.  Next thing I saw a little blur as a tiny sparrow flew past the end of the corridor straight into the dog kennel room!

I ran down and saw it flutter around in a blind panic before flying through the bars into one of the indoor dog kennel runs!  I got in and stopped the curious wee terrier in that run from going after this exciting fluttery toy that had landed in her kennel area.  The poor wee bird flew off again before I could catch it - straight into the kennel run of a much larger dog!  He caught the bird in his very powerful jaws but, more credit to his sweet natured wee soul, as soon as I told him to drop it, he did just that.

I scooped the wee bird up and took her down to the office where the assistant manager (who I later discovered just happens to be a qualified Reiki practitoner) held the terrified wee bird cupped in her hands for about half an hour.  There was a puncture wound just under one wing and, as birds don't have a lot of blood, they can't really afford to lose any.  Anyway, after half an hour of being held, the wee bird calmed down, started showing signs of wanting to be let go and pooped in the assistant manager's hand by way of thank you for saving his life!

I took him outside and set him down at the back of the shelter where the sparrows had made their nests so he could be found by his mum or siblings. When we went back to check on him 10 minutes later he was gone so thankfully he was still able to fly despite his wee injury. Never a dull moment at the animal rescue shelter!!

In other news, today I'm off to Latheron to drop off 4 pieces of art for the first of the exhibitions which is on next weekend. I'm taking the Puffin that finished last week as well as Phillip the Pheasant's painting and these two older pieces (in place of the Highland Coo and the Lost Sheep pieces that sold).

'The Clown of the Sea' - acrylic on canvas

'Not fair game' - acrylic on canvas

In you I trust - acrylic on wood

A view less ordinary - acrylic on canvas

We're going to the preview night next Friday with my new arty friend, Angela, and her husband, Michael, which I'm looking forward to. 

I'm linking to Sunday Sketches, hosted as always, by Alexandra.  Still working my way through posting these darned sketches from the 75 day challenge!


  1. wow, your paintings are stunning, especially that last one! love them all! Wishing you the best at the show. (I'm glad all is well for the birdy too!) happy SS!

  2. Wow your work is phenomenal. I love the In you I trust. The perspective is really wow!

  3. Nic besides being an incredible artist you are also an incredible writer. I love to read what happens to you each week. It sounded like the poor bird landed just in the right place to find the help he needed. So glad he was able to fly away.

    Good luck at the exhibition. Your work is beautiful and I know will be a huge hit at the show.

  4. Great post, loved your bird story and of course your paintings are wonderful!

  5. Hooray for happy endings and good dogs!! ;) Good luck with the exhibition. Thanks for sharing, Happy SS!

  6. so wonderful to see all your art.
    i wish you a wonderful show that makes you happy.

  7. that close-up of the eye and the rain pieces are so lovely

    have a sweet day.

  8. good luck with the show though I hardly think you need luck as the works you are taking down for it are fabulous...and glad there is a happier bird story this week ...xx

  9. Your story was fantastic and rescue was amazing! Maybe the doggie wanted to help...anyway I am glad for the little bird! Your paintings are so beautiful...The rainy pic is my best! :-)

  10. What a great story and so nice it was a happy ending :0)
    The paintings all look so great together - good luck with the exhibition! :0)

  11. More great art! Love these. I'm simply amazed at the detail of your armadillo! Wow!! :)

  12. Hi, Nic, I love your story! And your artworks are wonderful! Thaank you so much for sharing. ^_^

  13. Hope you have an awesome time next weekend at the exhibition Nic! And I'm really glad the bird was saved... I'm glad the dogs didn't get it even though she flew right in the kennel poor thing, wow.

  14. that armadillo is amazing! Love your paintings too. Especially the bottom one, seems really different for you. I love the reds and oranges against the gray. And, "yay!" for happy endings!!

  15. I have so many posts of yours to catch up on. The armadillo is great although they creep me out a bit. I remember seeing them in Mississippi when I would visit my cousins.

    Good luck at the exhibit. And I'm so happy that big dog listened and dropped the bird who sounds like it made it out safe and happy.

  16. That was one lucky birdie. :) Love your armadillo! Good luck with your exhibition!

  17. Been out of the loop lately, but love coming here and getting my animal-love fix. Your puffin made me smile, as did the armadillo and gecko below:-) Hope the exhibition is going well.

  18. YaY - I'm glad the little birdie was saved :-)
    Gorgeous paintings and very cool looking Armadillo. I hope the Exhibition is very successful :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Awe, I love that story! I can totally picture you running from kennel to kennel to save the little one - and the poop as thank you - perfect! Lovely art as always, I just love your style and your new avatar! It looks just like you! xoxo

  20. Wonderful little bird story. So glad the pup listened to you and let him go...that could've been ugly. You did a great thing, amiga.

    I love your horse's! This shows so much of your talent as an artist. You are unique, my friend, and I'm happy to know you're exhibiting in your area. Lucky them!


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