Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Inchmore Gallery - CD Art Exhibition

'Proud Phillip' - Pheasant in gouache 11.5 x 11.5 cm

My arty friend, Angela, is the font of all knowledge when it comes to what is going on in the art world up here in the far north of Scotland. She's always lets me know any time there is an open exhibition or craft fair that I hadn't already heard about.

Last week she told me about Inchmore Gallery, located near Inverness, and their winter CD art exhibition. I read the email and wondered what a CD was. I mean, I know it's a disc for recording and playing music but as this was about an art exhibit I didn't make the connection and wondered what sort of art technique CD might be! Not afraid to look stupid, I emailed her back asking what, apart from a music disc, was a CD? Angela patiently informed me that was exactly what it was and that the whole point of the exhibit was for established and emerging artists to submit work measuring 11.5 x 11.5 cm which would then be exhibited in clear plastic CD cases all over the gallery. It was a chance for people to purchase affordable art with all the pieces ranging in price from a minimum of £20 up to about £70-ish. Genius.

Now the closing date for submissions was Tuesday 22 October and I really didn't think I would have time to create anything new with such short notice but I set aside the bird houses and the pointillism landscape canvasses and set my mind on painting at least one CD case sized piece of art. 

First was Constance, a highland cow.  I do love these wonderfully hairy creatures and thought it would be the perfect subject to try out my gouache paints again.  

'Constance the Coo' - Highland Cow in gouache 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Then I decided to have another go at Phillip, our poor deceased Pheasant (who has been replaced, at least in terms of coming by every day for breakfast and dinner, by Pedro who has managed to survive a whole year of shooting and cars that drive too fast - yay for Pedro!) 

I cursed and swore my way through Phillip in gouache, painting and repainting both him and the background umpteen times before declaring the painting ruined and whipping up a little watercolour and ink version instead.  However, on Monday morning I decided to give the background one last try and with the paint barely dry, I posted both versions of Phillip together with Constance off to Inchmore Gallery.

'Phillip Revisited' - Watercolour and ink expressionism 11.5 x 11.5 cm
It turns out that photographers can submit pieces too and I mentioned this to S as he has some great photos. He ended up submitting four brilliant macro shots which went on their merry way along with my paintings.

Credit S: 'After the rain'
Credit S: 'Coccinella'

Credit S: 'Wet Petals'

Credit S: 'Wee Bee'

The opening day is Saturday 2 November so we're planning to take a drive down to Inverness and have a wee look see.  There will be over 300 pieces on show so it'll be interesting to see all that is there. 

Now, back to the birdhouses - Christmas is fast approaching!


  1. Your pheasant is amazing! I love the bold red color. :) Congrats to you and S - best wishes for a successful showing! :)

  2. OMG! I love that West Highland cow. Excellent Nicola!

  3. I love both versions of Phillip and the West Highland cow is adorable! When you first mentioned CD art, I instantly thought of painted CDs which I have seen done....basically a nice way to recycle CDs/DVDs that are faulty and no longer work. The finished CDs can be glued onto a backing board but I also have one where a hole was drilled in the painted piece, then a pretty ribbon threaded through so it could be hung flat against a wall, or from the ceiling, or by a window. So, now they are allocating CD art according to the actual size. Neat!

    Lovely photos by your hubby too. Best of luck to both of you!

  4. Brilliant Nic - love them both. Hope they sell for you. And S too - what a big lens he must have!

  5. I love Constance and your tribute to poor wee Philip. The CD case thing sounds great although i'm not sure any of my work would fit in a CD case! That would be a huge challenge!
    I hadn't heard of the exhibition and it sounds a fabulous idea for up and coming artists, and also the public as prices seem very affordable. Good luck I hope all goes well. :) ( The macro shots are amazing, that bee and the raindrop on the leaf.. WoW)... x

  6. I love your cow. Great photos. Good luck with the exhibition and congrats on being picked by PPF for the week. Yay!

  7. Sounds like fun and wonderful contributions you both made.

  8. Your art is so fan tas tic!! Happy art show! HPPF too!

  9. Wow love the contributions you both made!! Wonderful to see you headline on ppf this week too! Even better I GOT THROUGH.....happy dance...clap clap clap!

    I can understand why you weren't sure what the cd case art was. I am aways amazing that people do inchies.....I have no desire to do any art on something that small....but many do!!

    Have fun at the art show!
    Hugs Giggles

  10. What a great idea for an exhibition! I cant believe you just 'whipped up' those beautiful paintings! I love the photography too. What a creative couple you are. I hope it all goes well for you both

  11. Constance looks so great! Love all that hippy-hair ;-) And those photos are amazing as well. Such a great idea for an exhibition, must be fun to watch. Good luck! And congrats on being the featured artist on PPF!

  12. What a wonderful Idea. Love both pieces . I am sure they will be snatched up by some lucky collector.

  13. Wonderful cow and really love the pheasant, the vibrant colors! Awesome macros, love! Great contributions!

  14. Both your paintings are terrific, the background on Phillip is perfect. The Hub's photos are excellent too. I am partial to Highland coos myself, so Constance would be coming home with me if I were at the show. Good luck to you both.

  15. What a great concept for an art show. I love both of your pieces, especially the pheasant. The photography is just gorgeous. What a talented duo you are!

  16. I have seen these long-haired beauties before. You did a marvelous painting of it. I am not fond of Gouache (haven't worked with it though, my daughter has) but this is most fantastic. I am in love with the cow. The Pheasant is beautiful. I love the Puffin too in your headliner. Blessings, Janet PPF

  17. you know how much I love your art- that Highland cow is spectacular!! The photos are captivating too. How wonderful to go to PPF and see a piece of your art showcased-congrats!!

  18. I love both of these. I'm a little partial to Philip because of that fab color you have going in that one. But, one can not ignore the beauty of Constance. Well done

  19. I love both pieces - but I just adore Constance. She is super gorgeous!!!

  20. I think you're handling the gouache very well. These are lovely and I like the idea of CD size art. Your paintings always seem so full of life. Beautiful work!

  21. Wow, the cow is spectacular! What a great idea to do a "small"-size art exhibition and hope it will work well for you! Wonderful colours on your Phillip!
    Congratulations on being featured on PPF!
    Happy PPF
    Ilona :-)

  22. Phillip and Constance are freaking amazing! :) Good luck with the submissions. :)

  23. Nic these are great...... the highland cow is absolutely wonderful! Wow.


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