Saturday, 2 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 2

'Rainbow cloud' - ink and watercolour paint spatters on jotter paper
The best laid plans and all that. I had planned to post a second dog painting today but I've spent the best part of the day on the computer trying to get templates and sizings to work and printing out gift vouchers and greetings cards for the upcoming Christmas fair. My time on the computer never seems to be a quick as I imagine it to be when I first log on. 

So, in lieu of another dog card, I've been working on an idea for a calendar for 2014 from my Jotter Doodles and that's what I've been trying to work out how to resize, so it can be laminated. 

The problem with painting straight onto jotter paper is that it tends to buckle which you can see on these pictures here.  When I print them I use a Microsoft Word template which allows me to change the lighting which gets rid of the buckling to a degree but I guess the whole point is that these are jotter doodles so they aren't meant to be perfect. 

2014 Year at a glance calendar - the prototype!
I used the same illustration on another greetings card design as well. I've been collecting uplifting quotes and had this on tucked away while I ruminated on how to illustrate it.  Then while staring out at the sheep in the field behind our house the other day, it came to me - why not make the cloud a sheep! I'll be adding the year at a glance calendar and greetings card to my Etsy shop. 

Rainbow cloud greetings card

So, this is my submission for day 2 of AEDM and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to the dogs on brown card if the day doesn't run away with me again!



  1. I have always liked that quote and now it is definitely a favorite. I really like your cloud !

  2. very cute illustration!!

    i know what you mean about doing something "quick" on the computer!! it's never that way, is it?

  3. Love your way of thinking, Nic. Such a cute illustration. :)

    1. Btw, I totally agree....I will sit down for what I think will be a short time at the computer but it always turns out to be so much longer than that. lol

  4. Love your little lamb like cloud!

  5. Love all of it...the paper, the quote, the lamb-cloud. What a great calendar that will be! Happy AEDM! xo, janice

  6. Great quote and image!! Getting on the computer always takes more time than I think it will too!

  7. really sweet quote and illustration Nic!

  8. Oh, I so know what you mean .... The computer really is a big time-eater. Your sheep is great, and such a great idea to use it for a calendar! Love that quote....

  9. This is so sweet! I love it! And I adore the quote! I hate how paper buckles + when you scan it you can see it. I haven't found the answer either, but it looks awesome in your calendar x

  10. It's so sweet! Love your jotter drawings :0)

  11. You are just so creative and clever. Love your sweet could/sheep.


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