Monday, 4 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 4

This is a super energetic Staffy that I would rename Archie.  He loves to chase a ball round the exercise run, all the while keeping another ball firmly in his mouth!

'Archie' - ink and gouache on recycled card stock 135mm x 135mm
Here's the real deal:

Never mind photos, hurry up and kick the ball again!
I'm drawing these directly onto the card with ink pen to take away the safety net of a pencil and eraser as I found that I focus more on trying to get it right first time if I know I'm going to waste the card otherwise!  I didn't allow quite enough room for this drawing though so unfortunately I've given Archie slightly shorter legs than he really has but otherwise I think he turned out okay!

This is my submission for AEDM day 4.



  1. archie is a good name for this fellow!! dogs do love to chase balls, don't they :)

  2. archie is wonderful! dogs and their balls -- never to be separated! Happy AEDM!

  3. He looks so happy to be playing ball with someone! lovely

  4. Wonderful piece again, Nic. I love it and how you're challenging yourself to not use pencil or an eraser. I need to do this as I too often try to perfect my art! :)

  5. he's lovely - a brindle coat is a;ways difficult, but I think you've got him just right!

  6. oh what a sweet little guy!! I can imagine his thoughts! haha

  7. Woof! Love these and can't wait for more during the month.


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