Friday, 2 May 2014

Charity begins...on Facebook

whippet ink and gouache nicola mclean artist
Original gouache Whippet card donated to the I heart Whippets Auction. 

Since the start of this year, I've been contacted by three different whippet/lurcher/greyhound rehoming charities via my Facebook page. All three are organising online auctions to raise much needed funds for their respective charities.

The first lady to contact me was Paola who runs a Facebook page called I heart Whippets and I offered the small painting I did on recycled card of one of the whippets at the shelter where I volunteer. That auction started yesterday on 1 May at 8am and runs until 8pm on 7 May. The charities to benefit from that are Scruples Whippet Rescue, The Greyhound Sanctuary and Galgos del Sol.

I was then contacted by Bronagh who is organising an auction for Hounds First Sight Hounds asking if I could donate to their auction which starts at 8am on Monday 19 May and runs until 9pm on Sunday 25 May. I didn't have any more completed works to donate so I've offered to do a bespoke pet portrait for the winning bidder in either gouache or doodimal. 

dog of zen 'doodimal' pet portrait Nicola McLean
Dog of Zen Doodimal

Then in April I was contacted by Jewell who is organising an online auction and the proceeds of that are going towards to two different charities Southern Lurcher Rescue and Greyhound Lifeline. I've donated a £50 Nics eARTh gift voucher to be used in my Etsy shop or towards the cost of a commissioned portrait. That auction will run until 9 August 2014.

Nic's eARTh Nicola McLean Gift Voucher for custom artwork
Gift Voucher towards artwork from my Etsy shop

I find it very difficult to say no to requests from animal charities but unfortunately when I recently received a 4th request in respect of an auction being held for Greyhound Safety Net - a rehoming charity in Melbourne, Australia, with all the other projects and exhibitions I am working on this summer, I just wasn't able to commit to anything else. 

Rather than an online auction this one is a physical art auction to be held on 9 August so, if any of my Australian arty friends would be able to help, then please do contact Sophie.

If you'd like to bid on any of the various auction listings offered (not necessarily mine although of course that would be lovely!) then please 'Like' the Facebook auction pages so you can get a reminder when each auction/raffle is going to start - there are some really lovely 'all things doggy' items so please do have a look.


  1. Lovely to see your paintings contribute to these causes :-)

  2. Oh my you have a full plate. Eventually you have to sit on your hands when people gets too stressful otherwise. Lovely that you have given so much already! These pieces are so GORGEOUS! Anyone owning one of your artworks is so fortunate!! Your doodimals become more more gorgeous over the years... wow so stunning... You are such a loving good soul Nic!! The animals are so lucky to have you as their champion!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Aww, this post warms my heart, Nic! I love the word "Whippet" too, it's perfect! Your painting is awesome, and your generosity and dedication to the animals' cause is inspiring!

  4. You are very generous! I can imagine having to start saying no, you can't help every single charity out there. But it's great what you're doing, and I think your gifts are very original and surely attractive. I hope they sell for a LOT of money!

  5. Gorgeous paintings Nic! It is so very kind and generous of you to donate to these organizations knowing how animals have a very special place in your heart. But I can see how once it starts more and more people begin requesting and then you have to pick and choose lest you get overwhelmed. I'm certain you will bring in generous donations for your work.

  6. Very cool and you are so kind to donate your own gift to these organizations. They're great causes and it's wonderful that they reached out to you via your Facebook page. I often wonder how my portraits page reaches others outside my circle of friends and in different countries. It's cool though. Congrats! These bidders are receiving a fantastic work of art!

  7. You're so kind and generous to donate all you have. It's hard to turn them down, I know, and I hope your work gets lots of bids. I haven't visited your blog in a while and am enjoying all your luscious work.

  8. You are such a kind, giving person. So generous! Your work is so perfect for these charities and I hope these charities can help all these dogs with your wonderful art.

  9. You've been very busy but well deserved recognition. I hope that your "donations" will bless you in return. You are one talented individual.


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