Monday, 5 May 2014

Stormy Sky over Strathy - acrylic impasto on miniature canvas

'Stormy Skies over Strathy' - acrylic impasto on box canvas 5 x 5 inches

I love Mondays. Unusual I know, as I spent many years like the rest of the working public getting that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening when reality hit that the weekend was pretty much over and the 9-5 week was about to begin again. Now, though, I'm incredibly lucky that I have Mondays off (and Wednesdays and Thursday but I volunteer at the animal shelter on those days). So that means that Mondays are my dedicated painting days (as the weekends sometimes involve outings or flat out procrastination!)

Anyway, I had a really productive day today. I finished a commissioned caricature over the weekend, which I'll post once I've given it to the client and then today I managed to finish the third and fourth of my impasto miniature series for the Latheron Art Exhibition later this month.   

I'm also working on a larger impasto painting of a highland cow and I initially applied the texture and outline of the cow a couple of weeks ago but have spent since then trying to create a background I'm happy with. I've applied copious amounts of thick paint only to literally scrape it back off the canvas because I didn't like it after all. I went through an entire 150ml tube of white acrylic paint as a result! Anyway, today, I think I finally got a background started that I like so I'm looking forward to starting on the cow later this week - hurrah!

So, this is the second of the four mini landscapes. I also used an Instagram photo I'd taken one stormy day at our favourite dog walking beach, Strathy, as my reference. 

Sorry for the incredibly boring and very literal titles but I figured I'd call a spade a spade for this series as perhaps if folk recognise the scene they might be more inclined to purchase it!

My Instagram version
(the colours of which now look much lighter than
when I printed it out to work from!)


  1. this is such a beautiful piece, you must have had so much fun creating this, the texture is luscious!!!

  2. I think I'll try to allocate a day for drawing/painting's a great idea Nic,
    What beautiful scenery and your painting is incredible. I can't wait to see it progress.
    I adore highland cows ;D
    Have a great week

  3. Love the textured scene, Annette x

  4. You've put amazing energy into this painting. It swirls in a delightful way. It looks like a dream landscape.

  5. i love your painting … and the photo is so pretty, too. wonderful clouds!!

  6. Great painting - good luck in Latheron!

  7. wonderful Nic-you definitely captured that stormy sky!

  8. First of all, I'm sorry I missed your last post! I can't keep up, lol! Your dogs are adorable!!
    As for this one, well it compliments the last one in the same style beautifully!
    But yes - the down side of impasto painting is definitely using so much paint, so it's more expensive! I do think they are very expressive though and you seem to have taken to it like a duck to water! :0)

  9. This piece radiates wild abandon! It must be such a fun release to do these paintings in contrast to your detailed gouache works, love it!


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