Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on Kittens...

Art+Macro+Realism+gouache+raindrops+pebbles+Nic McLean
'After the rain' - postcard in gouache (15cm x 10cm)
Well, actually raindrops on a leaf and there are no kittens just one little bowling ball shaped cat sitting purring on my knee as I stretch awkwardly over her to reach the keyboard.

Gouache+raindrops+postcard+art+macro+Nic McLean

This is taken from a macro photograph I took in our driveway one wet day quite a while ago. I love macro photography and it's the one function on my camera that I can actually use.  

If anyone remembers my rainy window paintings a while back you'll know I'm a little bit fascinated with rainy reflections and I just loved the way the drops sat on the leaf in this photo. My previous raindrop paintings were a little bit more abstract and I wanted to try my hand at a more realistic painting so when I heard that GreatArt were running a postcard challenge competition  it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go. 

Normally with on-line art competitions you just send a jpeg but for this one it has to be posted to them so I'll get that off tomorrow with plenty of time for the closing date on 30 July. Wish me luck!

Art+Macro+gouache+raindrops+pebbles+realism+Nic McLean


  1. Good Luck! this is amazing. (Give the kitty a scratch for me.)

  2. It's amazing how many abstract shapes are in nature. This is quite lovely and I marvel at the detail you got in such a small piece. Good luck!

  3. Love the colors and the details. Good luck on your entry!

  4. amazing!!! good luck on this challenge.

  5. Those raindrops are very good.

  6. AWESOME !!! Good luck with the competition :-) This is gorgeous :-D
    IKE xxx

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  7. oh wow, this is looking good! Love all the details, it looks abstract and at the same time very real. Great work! wishing you good luck with the competition!

  8. As well as the raindrops I love the way you have painted the pebbles. They look wet and glistening. I find gouache a rather flat medium but you breathe life into the paint. It has a lovely quality and depth x

  9. Stunning piece!

  10. I know I commented on Facebook but now I'm back on a big screen at work, I've been able to see the bigger screen version. It really is spectacular! You must be really proud of this! :0)

  11. Good luck, Nicola. What a treasure of a postcard!


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