Friday, 28 November 2014

Sure as Sunrise. A seascape.

Scottish+impressionism+vibrant+acrylic+seascape+sunrise+Nicola McLean
'Sure as sunrise' - impasto acrylic on box canvas 5x5 inches

So this week, it's been all about the bright, bout the bright, no drizzle (can't get that song out of my head!). 

I'd mentioned that I was submitting some art to the Caithness Horizons Christmas Exhibition which is on from Tuesday 2 December right through until the first week in January.

well, I had some little landscapes I did earlier in the year and I had planned to take two of them and my more recent ones (Into the blue and There's something in the air) but even though I'd already reworked both of the older pieces once before, when I put them beside my more recent pieces they just seemed so dull. So, as part of my ongoing artistic evolution towards the bright side, I took a risk and decided to rework both pieces again using a more vibrant palette.

It could've all gone disastrously wrong and I'd have been two pieces short for the exhibition but I'm glad to say that I was very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully folk will like them but, honestly, I'm already thinking about where I'd like to hang them in the cottage if they don't sell!

Here's how this one started:

Mark 1 - plain impasto

Then I dabbled at it with the sponge dabber thingie:

Mark 2 - had at it with a sponge dabber

Then I coloured it happy!

Scottish+Seascape+Vibrant+Acrylic+Impressionism+Nicola McLean

Have you ever re-worked (and re-worked) any of your own paintings? I like to think of it as upcycling! I think it's fortunate that I love thick impasto layers of paint as it makes it that much easier to paint over something you don't like/have gotten bored with and it also allows for some great texture.

Pop back next time if you'd like to see the transformation of the other painting.


  1. Loving your latest seascapes and it looks great coloured Nicola.

    Annette x

  2. I'm a big fan of bright and happy colours, and you reworked it brilliantly! Good luck wth the show!

  3. I love the new rainbow version! Just my thing! You were right to add the colour. Good luck hope the exhibition goes well. X

  4. You certainly did color this one happy. I love the bright colors in the hills.

  5. i love the colors in this pretty!!


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