Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Emma. A pet portrait.

It's been a while since I posted any pet portraits. This is one I was commissioned to do in October for a birthday present in November so, as it's been received I think it's now okay to blog about it. 

King Charles spaniel+pet portrait+acrylic+Nicola McLean
'Emma' - acrylic on box canvas 5x5 inch

Emma is a gorgeous little King Charles Spaniel who lives in Florida and who has been suffering from health problems for a while. Hopefully after some serious surgery she is now on the mend. 

King Charles Spaniel+Pet Portrait+Nicola McLean
The real Emma.
I've just finished another pet portrait, this time for a Christmas gift and started on the last one I'll be doing this side of Christmas. I've still got a few to do in the New Year but as they aren't gifts, there isn't an immediate rush on them so once I finish the next one, I plan to start a piece to enter into next year's Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. I've got an idea of what I want to do but whether I can translate that from thought to canvas remains to be seen!

Box canvas+gallery wrapped canvas+pet portrait+King Charles Spaniel

In other news, I noticed on Facebook a couple of days ago that a gallery called the Schoolhouse Dornie is holding an exhibition called Colour.  It already started before I found out about it but I messaged them asking if it might be a yearly thing as I was too late for this one.

Anyway the upshot was that I was invited to submit some work anyway as it runs right through to January so I have 4 landscapes winging their way to the Kyle of Lochalsh today.  The idea was that the pieces were to be no larger than 20cm x 20cm so I'm sending some of the little landscapes I did earlier in the year. One of my recently completed pieces is 30 x 40cm and I'd sent an image of that before I knew the size limits so  I was chuffed when I was asked to send it anyway to join part of a larger exhibition in their main gallery as she loved the vibrancy of it! I haven't posted that one yet but if I've piqued your curiosity then please do pop back next week to see what it looks like!


  1. Beautiful ! It always amazes me how you manage to do these lifelike paintings. Your customer will be very very pleased :-)

  2. I didn't know about the dornie exhibition. If I had I would have done something to put In it! I don't have any wee pieces left...oh well. Good luck Xx

  3. wow congratulations Nicola, it certainly has been your lucky year. Love the portrait.........aaaaah. Hugs Annette x


  4. oh what great news Nic! I adore Emma as spaniels especially have always held a special place in my heart. Your portrait of her is just stunning and so brilliantly accurate. Just goes to show that if you don't ask you won't get an answer either way-so happy they are accepting some of your art:)

  5. Love the portrait of Emma. You've worked hard for the success you are having, I don't think luck comes into it.

  6. This is fabulous Nic! Another very happy client I am sure! A big WOW from me!
    And I'm glad you are getting involved in the exhibition. Good luck!! :0)

  7. What a precious King Charles and you caught her! Hope she is feeling better, now.

  8. Loving your pet portraits. Congrats on making it in time to show your work and of course I'll be back to check out what you'll be submitting!

  9. A beautiful pet portrait. I hope by now Emma is on the road to recovery.


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