Saturday, 6 December 2014

Still rock and roll. Duncansby Stacks, the Northern Lights & Shop Scotland.

Duncansby Stacks+Northern Lights+Scottish Landscape+Impressionism+Nicola McLean
'Still rock and roll' - acrylic on box canvas 5x5
Available to purchase from Caithness Horizons
This is the landscape I put into the Caithness Horizons Christmas Exhibition in place of the one that sold just before the exhibition started. The location is a very well known and easily recognisable one if you're familiar with the far north coast of Scotland. It's Duncansby Stacks part of Duncansby Head which is the true farthest northerly point of the UK and not John O'Groats which somehow has that reputation (perhaps John O'Groats is easier to get to by bicycle?)

I pretty much made this painting up based on some photos S had taken when we first visited Duncansby Stacks in March 2012 (little knowing at the time that less than a year later we'd have moved here lock, stock and westies!) I just made my Duncansby a little more colourful and added the northern lights because isn't that the very wonder of artistic licence!

Scottish Landscape+Impressionism+Duncansby Stacks+Northern Lights+Nicola McLean

In other news this week, I'm excited to report that I'm now a member of Shop Scotland, a wonderful directory of artists and crafters located all around Scotland. I've added their button to my blog so please feel free to have a browse around - there are some fabulous delights to discover from designers, local artisan foods, artists, crafters and handmade beauty products. If you're from Scotland and want to shop locally then it's a great place to discover something new and original and if you're from anywhere else and want to discover something new and original which just happens to be produced/created in Scotland then it's also well worth a visit!


  1. The North of Scotland certainly agrees with you and your art , Nic.... like pulling rabbits out of a hat, you magically produce these gems one after the other

  2. wow, those colours are so bright next to the dark sky! Beautiful ....

  3. Those colours are so gorgeous... One day I want to come and see all these places in person... Is it wrong that I keep telling people I want lotto tickets when they ask me what I want for Christmas.... This is fabulous Nic... Xx

  4. Beautiful work on your blog!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  5. I noticed your painting on FB and thought it was beautiful, loving the brush strokes on the sky and all the lights. So festive and fun and yes, highly creative! I will take a peek at Shop Scotland! Have a happy holiday season, my friend!

  6. I'm loving your new rainbow colour palette. Duncansby head looks as if it is lit up for Christmas!

  7. You have such an interesting, unique and lively style! I love it!

  8. It's gorgeous Nic!
    I love that it's a night scene and those northern lights are fabulous! :0)

  9. I love all the color in this, Nicola. I'm from the US so it made me think of the old song "The Big Rock Candy Mountain". Very cool with Northern Lights!

  10. I want to see the Northern lights!!!!! At least I feel I've gotten close by seeing your painting.

    congratulations on joining Shop Scotland.


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