Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Life imitating art & the week that was Scotstorm.

Scottish Landscape+Mountains+Snow+Impressionism+Vibrant+Acrylic+Nic McLean
'Dance along the light of day' - acrylic on 7.5cm x 7.5cm canvas

Yesterday, I wondered if I had some secret superpower – the ability to conjure something up simply by painting a picture of it. I was painting another teeny landscape inspired by the hills I can see from our sun room window. For some reason I was drawn to paint them covered in snow and, not two hours later, there was actual snow falling all around us! We woke up today to a winter wonderland (so I can now officially stop complaining that we’ve not had snow in the 3 winters that we’ve been living here). I’m going to test the theory of my super painting powers by painting some £50 notes to see if they might also materialise (hope springs eternal!)

So apart from the snow that’s been a crazy few weather days in the UK, huh?

Thursday night last week we had 100mph winds up here in the far north of Scotland and we were very lucky that the only damage our wee cottage suffered was a few lost roof tiles and the collapse of part of a dry stone wall in our paddock thanks to a neighbouring tree crashing into it.

S took advantage of a lull in the storm to fix the roof before the winds started up again on Friday afternoon so we didn’t lose any more in round two of #Scotstorm.

Scottish Landscape+Art+Impressionism+Nic McLean
My mini painting posing in the actual snow! 
£15.00 plus £3.90 UK Postage


We also learnt just how reliant we are on electricity and electronic gadgets. No heat, no hot water, no mobile phone reception (although that’s not unusual up here anyway), no TV, no house phone as they require electricity (luckily we had an old fashioned non-digital phone that we were able to use to phone our families to find out what was happening in the outside world!), no WiFi so (sharp intake of breath) no internet - I even had to resort to reading an old fashioned book made out of paper as kindles are only as good as the power that recharges them!

This was the view from our sun room this morning

Never have we been more grateful for the wood burning stove S installed before Christmas as we were warm and toasty in the living room as we sat in companionable silence reading said paperback books by the glow of our head torches. It was quite cosy and fun the first day what with S cooking meals on his camping stove which we ate on our laps while the dogs dozed in front of the fire. By day two however I had the Geordie voice-over man from Big Brother providing a running commentary in my head as the novelty wore off (Day two and Nicola still can't wash her hair) and the prospect of a second day without hot water and internet access did not fill me with joy.

Just to put the size in perspective

Thankfully power was restored to Craggis Cottage by tea time on Saturday (and we were the lucky ones, some of the folk up around here had no power for 4 days!) So, Saturday night saw us with normal service resumed - sitting in front of the TV complaining that there was nothing good on and scrolling through our phones to see what we’d missed on Facebook and realising that, actually, we’d missed very little!

I didn’t get to link with Paint Party Friday last week because of said weather shenanigans so I’ll try again this week.

Now, I’m off to paint some money…


  1. that was some storm! I think you just may have some witchy woo thing going on, better paint a sunny warm day next! It is a lovely landscape though,

  2. Beautiful mini painting....loved how you "posed" it in the snow. If it's true and you paint £50 notes and suddenly they are falling out of the sky on you, I will be sending you a ticket to NYC to paint some $100 bills for me. :)

    Isn't it amazing that for most of humankind's existence we lived without electricity and now the thought of not having it would put me in a downward spiral of depression and angst. Once, when I was visiting my sister, they lost power. It was awful. I should have just gotten in the car and driven home. Instead I stayed in the freezing cold house, slept in my clothes, slapped some of my sisters hand warmers all over my body and made both dogs sleep with me. I got out of there at first light. It was awful.

    Any way, good luck with those £50 notes! :)

  3. Glad you inspired the snow which you've been wanting to see, and look at the lovely art too! You def. do need to make some notes and have them come to life too:) Thankfully your power outage wasn't too long and that you had the fire and a camping stove. Just the other year we went 5 days in the cold with no power, and NO heat whatsoever. I don't ever want to go through that again!

  4. Glad you survived without too much damage. The novelty of life by candle light soon wears thin! Love your new canvas. I really do like the direction your work is going in.
    Keep warm. :)

  5. Beautiful painting. Could you try painting my stretch of the Rhine with sunshine and blue skies? That would be nice! Sorry your weather was so bad, hope this week is better for you. Valerie

  6. Wonderful painting... our weather is not the best as well!

  7. Wonderful painting! Darn, I wish I had your powers. Hope the money manifests for you. :) We had a 10 day power outage in February last year and it made me realize how dependent we are on electricity. We promptly went out and bought power generator so it can't happen to us again. :)

  8. I love this miniature painting with so much detail and atmosphere and quite a chill is coming from it.
    What a view from your window, just marvellous.
    A fire and books sounds lovely but no Internet - aaargghh.

  9. Oh I can relate to this...I even kept a phone in the closet to plug in when this happens. It's rare now but before they replaced the transformers we had a few day stint of no power and it got annoying fast. Makes you feel grateful when it comes back!! We are very resourceful so I think it's always more comfortable for us! With a gas fireplace, gas bbq and camp stove... It's always game time which is fun!! Glad everything is beautifully normal once again!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Wow, that's pretty spooky, Nic! Your painting is gorgeous. I love the colors because they just look so cold, just like the scene you painted.

  11. Lol ... if you paint the airplane as well as the small canvas, make sure you get rich, that if you get caught in hacienda for money laundering ...Saludos

  12. Hi Nic. Love that view from your window. Hope the weather improves. Your painting is spot on for what it signifies. Glad there was some coziness besides the cold and wind. Take care.

  13. Love your mini..wonderful color and the narrative to go with it! When we lived in the "cold country" we had a wood stove and were thankful for its" warmth more than once.

  14. Love your teeny painting. It looks vey cold and almost like northern lights. Let us know if the money materializes, ok, and if you'd like to share...ha-ha!

  15. Wonderful painting Be sure and take a photo of all that money falling from the sky :)

  16. You were very lucky to have the oven! And it is just like a travel back in time :-)
    Glad it didn't last longer! Maybe you get a big sale, when you paint the pound-notes :D
    Happy PPF

  17. So beautiful and so cute Nic! I paint in small canvases (5x5 in) too...
    And I went like 'AWOH!' reading about the snowing part after you painted them likewise. Yes, you check with 50 pounds!!! (and let me know the result) ;)


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