Wednesday, 4 March 2015

At the foot of the mountain...Abstract realism

At the foot of the mountain+Scottish Landscape+Abstract realism+Nic's eARTh
'At the foot of the mountain' - impasto acrylic on canvas 5x5 inch

A couple of weeks ago, I showed a 'sneaky peek' of my large landscape painting 'Wild Mountain Time' on my Facebook page. Someone asked about buying the painting because they loved the colours in the sneaky peek I'd shown but they weren't expecting the painting to be quite as big as it was and said they wished they could buy just that little section.   

abstract realism+impressionism+colourist+contemporary art+Nic's eARTh
Close up of  edges of box canvas

Which, of course, gave me an idea. I decided to re-create that small part of the larger landscape on one of my mini 5x5 box canvasses. I used the same colour palette but obviously it isn't exactly like the original as the difference in size meant the application of paint in itself would create a different effect. So this is an original painting inspired by another original painting!

box canvas+impasto acrylic+vibrant colour+abstract realism+Nic's eARTh
You can just about make out my initials
in amongst the riot of colour!

This is probably the most down the abstract realism route I've travelled so far but I think I quite like the result. It's incredibly textured - like a little sculpture on canvas even around the edges.

Scottish Landscape+Mountain+Abstract realism+Contemporary art+Nic's eARTh
Just to put the size into perspective - bijou and compact!

This is one of the pieces in the Committed to Art Exhibition at Caithness Horizons. The exhibition had its preview night last night and it wasn't too bad a turn out considering the horrible wintry night that was in it. It's on now until 28 March and if your are interested in this wee painting it will be available to purchase from my website for £30 plus p&p at the conclusion of the exhibition (unless it sells at the exhibition of course!)

Me in front of one of my paintings - this one isn't for sale as I did it for above our fireplace!

In other news this week, I spent Sunday in a lovely (but rather cold despite the woodburning stove) log cabin in the woods way out west taking part in a pastel workshop run by my friend Angela.

Angela works in various mediums but her favourite is pastels and this really came across when she was demonstrating her techniques to us and explaining the different types of pastel and paper. I had a really good day and although I don't think it will ever be my medium of choice (I really can't get past the mess it makes and chalky feeling on my fingers) it was fun to experiment with it and try something new. After all, as someone one said 'a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there'. 

These are the two pieces I did during the workshop (they aren't very good but I had fun making them and, in fairness, I didn't spend very long on either one!)
Sheep in pastel
Sunflower field in pastel 
Something else exciting happened this week. I happened to tweet a photo of Cora the Coo to the Highland Cow Society on Twitter who in turn retweeted it to their followers and as a result an interested party contacted me wanting to buy the painting and she is now on her way to her new home in Belgium - there really is a lot to be said for social media when it comes to helping artists get their work out to folk who would never otherwise know of its existence!

I'll be linking with the folk at Paint Party Friday this weekend as always - it's a great way to keep up with what everyone is up to in the world of arty blogging. 



  1. Just a richly colored textural painting, love it!

  2. The little mountain piece is wonderful. I often find myself looking down at detail as well as up when viewing landscape. This proves the point. Landscape is more about feel than form. The pastel pieces are impressive considering its not your medium of choice. I really like the way your landscape colours have still lots of clarity. I send to muddy them up too much I think. Good luck for the exhibition. Your northern lights picture will draw a lot of praise I am sure!

  3. Oh I love that bumpy yummy texture! Love your sunflower painting too!!

  4. 'a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there'...

    Yes, yes, I totally agree! That's why I went down the Naked Artists route to give me the outlet to experiment. And you are evolving all the time Nic! But you are still managing to keep your style as recognisably YOU, which is pretty amazing really! I feel the same way about pastels. I love the look of the paintings but not the feel when I use them... Also, I found that they fade quickly which was a real negative for me :0)

  5. Love the comfort quote. Your abstract landscapes with all those glorious colors and textures are so fascinating-and I adore the wee cottages you added in:) Beautiful pastel art too-love the sunflowers!

  6. Wonderful style this Nic and the pastel art is gorgeous as well!
    Happy PPF!

  7. Wonderful paintings, and congrats on your success, really well done and deserved. Valerie

  8. Nic all of your paintings are beautiful. I find myself drawn to abstracts and I think you have inspired me to take a class that is being offered soon. Your work and your quote were just what I needed to try something new. Congratulations on all of your success. It is so well deserved.

  9. Absolutely incredible !! That tiny little cutie is fantastic !! Totally lurrrrve the textures you have created my dear dear friend :)
    And congratulations for all the good things happening in your arty life :)

  10. wonderful texture! great work!

    happy PPF!

  11. Oh, textures, dimension, shadows and light!! And so tiny, also, in all its greatness!

  12. So much to love in this post. The sheep is a cutie but I do love all the landscapes. Wonderul color work.


  13. awesome! luv the 'foot of the mountain ' piece

    happy PPF

    much love...

  14. i really like your painting style. beautiful picture of you, too. :)

  15. Congratulations on your show and on the sale of Cora the Coo. Love the little houses on the foot of the mountain. Great texture on all your pieces. Your photo is a great. You look very happy. Take care.

  16. I would so love to run my fingers over your little canvas :-) It looks amazing. And I see nothing wrong with your pastel-pieces, I even think they look incredibly good for using a new medium. And congrats on selling Cora! Funny to think she is now in "my" country ;-)

  17. Girl what are you talking about? That pastel sheep is gorgeous and so full of soul! Wow and the sunflowers are amazing with your style shining through. The canvases are fabulous, love the texture. Too bad pastel is not your thing. I love glitter but not the mess of it! Glad you sold a few pieces...good for you! Social media is truly a blessing. Wouldn't have found you and the other ppf artists
    without it!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Those miniature landscapes you developed from your large ones are beautiful. I'm also very impressed with your sheep, since I've been commissioned to do a herd of cows and never done farm animals. Blessings!

  19. congrats on the sale... and I love the small canvases... they look very touchable... I am hopeless when I see textures like that and always want to feel them... and the pastel sheep is stunning... you can turn your hand to anything it would appear!!!

  20. I love texture and how you made this work for your would be commission. I hope that worked out for both of you. All of your work deserves to be hung and admired!

  21. Great colors and textures on your piece this week. Congrats and the sale too.

  22. Awesome texture. And that sheep is priceless!

  23. Oh, I love the movement in your technique and colours! Gorgeous! I am now following your blog. Your candy paintings are yummy and the light is awesome! I also enjoy your animal art, it really catches the animals' personalitites!

  24. I just completly fell in love with your work!! I love your use of colours and the abstract way you are working :) Even when you haven't worked that much in pastels I really think that the sheep is gorgeous!


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