Monday, 16 March 2015

Scottish Moonshine - a time lapse painting

Rispond Bay+Scotland+Moonlight+Impasto+Miniature+Nicola McLean
'Scottish Moonshine' - the tiniest impasto landscape (5x5cm)

So, I had invited you to pop back to see if I'd finished the large version of the wind farm sunrise painting. Well, it's still a work in progress so maybe next week it'll be finished.

In the meantime, let me show (a time lapse video) and tell (you a story about ridiculously small canvasses). A few months ago, I ordered some canvasses thinking they were 5x5 inches - the size I use for my pet portraits. When they arrived they were crazy small and I discovered my mistake - the sizing was in centimetres so actually they measured just under 3x3 inches!

I wondered for ages what I could possibly paint on such a small surface then a couple of weeks ago I decided to have a go at painting the tiniest ever landscape.

I ended up with this which I posted on my Facebook page:

'Go with the flow' - very mini landscape in acrylic (3x3 inches)

Then yesterday I decided to try out the time lapse feature on S's new GoPro camera so he kindly set it up for me and I set about creating another tiny landscape.

The shadow helps give an idea of the texture!

We've had some beautiful sunny blue sky days over the weekend and so we spent Saturday driving out along the north coast to the west to Balnakiel Bay stopping off at other beaches along the way for photographs and dog walks. I took a photograph at Rispond Bay of the craggy rock formations and knew that I'd want to paint it at a later date. 

Rispond Bay, Sutherland

Well, I do still intend to paint this as a larger daylight scene but I decided to have some fun with this one and used a whole heap of artistic licence to turn day into night and sunshine into moonshine!

Original art+fridge magnet+Rispond Bay+Scotland+Impasto+Vibrant+Nicola McLean
'Scottish Moonlight' - teeny tiny art

If you'd like to see how I paint these little canvasses, please do have a look at the time lapse video. 

Rispond Bay+Miniature painting+vibrant+impasto+impressionism+Nicola McLean
The landscape continues round the sides of the canvas

Rispond Bay+Miniature painting+vibrant+impasto+impressionism+Nicola McLean

Because of its tiny size, it's even too small for the little wooden display easels I normally use so I decided to add a magnetic strip to the back and turn them into little original art fridge magnets!

A little original art fridge magnet

In other news, Artfinder are currently taking on new artists and I applied and got accepted to sell my work on their website - yay! I uploaded some pieces and was super excited to have two of them sell on the first evening!

If you'd like to purchase either of these mini art fridge magnets they're available for sale on my Artfinder Shop.

I'll be linking up to Paint Party Friday later in the week and will look forward to seeing what everyone else has been creating. Thanks, as always for popping by. I do appreciate your visits. 


  1. Wow you work fast Nic ;D
    No seriously... fasinating to see your video. It was amazing to see you work.
    The first photo really shows how much texture has been applied and I think it's stroke of genius to attach the magnetic strip.
    Gorgeous fridge magnet.

  2. I'm impressed that you could get so much detail into such a small space!! wow! loved the video!

  3. I LOVE your teeny painting!! And the video really is amazing! I have had no success with videoing yet... I really hope to do one this year though :0)

  4. Love this little night time piece!
    And that you made it a magnet is very cool.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the larger, daylight piece!

  5. Beautiful work, happy PPF, Valerie

  6. omg, your palet knife is bigger than your canvas ....! Seriously, can't imagine getting the kind of detail you do on these small things. They're so cute! Wonderful shop you have on Artfinder! I looked into it but I find the commissions and percentages you have to pay them when you sell there a bit high.... Looks like a great place to find art though.

  7. They are so beautiful, each so special, I love them!

  8. Thanks for the video. Fascinating! I love that teeny tiny craggy night landscape. Such rich colors. Happy PPF

  9. I love the colors and textures of this piece. I think it would make a fantastic large format piece too. But the good thing about small pieces is you can get them done fast and move on to something else, and using them as magnets is a great idea. Have a great weekend.

  10. I am so impressed with your work Nic. Your colorful landscapes in miniature even are filled with the finest details and colors!

  11. That crazy cute small and wonderful!!!

  12. Great lateral thinking to turn the teenie-tiny painting into a fridge magnet. Love the paintings colours and textures, and very much enjoyed your super-speed video, thanks.

  13. Your tiny painting looks wonderful and great as a magnet too. That must have been a lot of work. Great job. Enjoyed your video.:)

  14. Great video. So interesting to see you at work. Lovely little piece!

  15. Wow awesome video and I love it as a fridge magnet....I could see little doggy heads on these small canvases too!! So could have an artshow on the fridge. I could not paint that small...kudos to you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. I love the tiny landscape! Fabulous, thick texture with your paint - and the colors really pop against your night sky and dark water! Beautifully done :)

  17. You're just amazing! I have such a poor sight in my eyes that I could easily miss the canvas!

    I love the scenery in your photos, they are so majestic, oh if it would some day be able to see those views irl!

  18. How fun! love the music on your video. Great idea for the 3x3" paintings. I would think they would sell like hot cakes.

  19. This is really fascinating to watch. Your video on Artfinder, is amazing - just watching the dog emerge from the canvas.
    Makes me appreciate my cat paintings all the more.
    Lovely. x

  20. Those canvases are really tiny! Loved watching you work and I especially loved seeing Reuben and Brodie watching you from the mug.

  21. Those canvases are really tiny! Loved watching you work and I especially loved seeing Reuben and Brodie watching you from the mug.


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