Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A better view...a Scottish Landscape.

'View from Glen Loth' - impasto acrylic on canvas 40cm x 50cm 

I promise this is the last of my older paintings that I'm going to 'do-over' but it was hanging on the walls on our living room and I just kept sneaking glances at it and the sides and those black edgy bits started to really bug me. Plus I just wanted to zhuzh it up a bit with brighter colours and more texture - it's an addiction!

So, this is it and like all the other pieces I’ve redone recently I’m much happier with it.

This is what it used to look like:

This one will be available to purchase via my shops in either Artfinder or Artgallery. About that, do you sell your work online? I'm curious to know what works best for you - your own website (if so, how do you get people to find it?) or online shops and, if so, which ones do you find best? 

If you do sell online do you stock the same painting in more than one store? I do, because it gives my art a better chance of being spotted, but I have had cases where paintings I'd forgotten I'd even listed on an online store sold and I had them in an actual exhibition at the time and had to ask for them back! Awkward. Of course that won't happen very often but still, what do you think - should a piece only be exclusively available in one place even if it means it has much less chance of selling? I'd be interested to know what other artists think of this.

close up of fields and hills

Close up of trees

close up of mountains

Anyway, that's the last of the do-overs; all other work posted on here from now on will be brand new, I promise!

The new (improved?)View from Glen Loth

With that in mind, here’s a wee sneaky peek at a very different type of commission. It’s something else to be grateful to the rhino painting for (see here if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about!) I received a commission for a tiger in the same thick impasto style as the rhino and that’s what I’m working on at the moment.

A sneaky peek of my latest commission

At first I wasn't sure if it would work but actually I'm really pleased with how it's going. Hopefully, the person who commissioned it will be happy too! I reckon one more painting session and it should be finished.

Once the tiger is finished then it's back to realism in gouache for a super cute wee dog portrait which I'm very much looking forward to painting especially because he's got black fur - yay!!

That's all my news for this week but I'll leave you with some words of wisdom (having learnt the hard way today) - don't try to be a multitasking domestic goddess/artist because you'll become so engrossed in your painting that your delicious homemade soup will burn to the bottom of the pan! True story. 

See you over at Paint Party Friday 


  1. I love the landscape revamp..the colours are more vibrant and lively. You are brave to revisit works. Once I have said its done I hate going back to something. Its hard to get back into the space when it was made. If that makes sense? Re soup burning I find covent garden fresh soup does the trick... No more pan burning :)

  2. i love the do-over! It's so nice!! I love all the purple in the dark area. All the colors just POP now!! I don't have any advice about selling work online. But I'm curious to see what others have to say.

  3. Bonjour,

    Il n'est pas évident de retoucher une peinture plus ancienne... Il est vrai qu'on évolue et parfois aujourd'hui il arrive qu'on ne trouve pas telle ou telle chose bien, on ferait autrement !
    Bravo à vous !
    Toutefois, si vraiment le sentiez ainsi, il est important d'apporter les modifications.

    ❀ ♡ Gros bisous ♡ ❀

  4. It is so lovely! I liked it before but now I see it before and after I can see it has made a world of difference. Gorgeous! I sell on line from my own Website only and link to that from my blog and Facebook. I tried Etsy for a year but decided that it was a waste of time and closed the shop. I haven't looked at other avenue yet. It's on my 'to do' list! :0)

  5. Your landscape looks better now, really good. Have fun with the tiger! Valerie

  6. Wow such a beautiful painting! fab! The tiger looks already great! Happy PPF! xxx Susi!

  7. stunning landscape Nic! Congrats on your continued commissions too-well deserved!

  8. Wow, you are really good with that impasto acrylic. Love that landscape. Congrats. on your commissions! Way to go! Yes, that is correct, it was Renoir. Perhaps one day I will finish my version. Thanks for reminding me who it was.

  9. Gorgeous layers of colors, Nic. What talent you have! I love the eye painting.

  10. Its interesting - as if the old paintings have been waiting around for you to evolve your style and finish them! It must feel good to see the leaps and bounds that you are taking in your art. I know that it is exciting to watch on this end. That tiger eye is such a teaser. I can't wait to see the rest! M.x

  11. Really nice job on that do-over impasto. I checked out the rhino too. Awesome! Cant wait to see the finished tiger. I've bookmarked now so I wont lose you again. You asked about posting art for sale in more than one place and once having to withdraw from an exhibition. I previously worked at an art center for many years and had been involved with many art exhibitions. Usually, when an artist exhibits, he/she commits to the end of the show, and even if a buyer purchases one from the show, they do so with the understanding they cannot take the painting until the end of the show. It really puts a damper on the show if there is an empty space there, plus you might not get invited back. Of course there are always special circumstances, i.e. if the buyer is leaving town or something. Perhaps if you list a painting on line, you could state it is currently being exhibited and will be available at xxx date. Then no one is left with a pouting bottom lip, hmmmm? My fav part of being an artist is putting up a "sold" sign. ;) Now I too have a question. I love gouache, but how does one get it to not look or feel "chalky" in the finished painting? :)

  12. I love that painting - thank you for posting the close ups - all the colors and texture are just so wonderful. As to selling the same thing in multiple venues - you really have to be organized and I am not. If you are - then go for it. It would take Olympic organizational skills though - LOL

  13. You live and you learn with burnst soup. I tend to microwave it now then it can't burn. The most it can do is explode inside the microwave while I am painting! The reworked landscape is really good now, lots of shifting bits of light. I thought I'd give Artfinder a whirl. I mostly sell prints of my stuff via my Etsy shop.

  14. First off you need a crock pot, throw everything in you just plug it in and leave it for 6 to 8 hours, homemade yummy soups, stews, curries, you name it... Beautiful revamp with gorgeous colour and texture... I love how the new one pops and holds more of your recent style. All the best on figuring out the marketing of your paintings!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. hahaha, yes! Recognize it! Love your re-done painting! It still amazes me what colour can do. Scotland looks so beautiful, I really would love to visit there. I find selling online hard work. Etsy used to be pretty good, but it's become too big and I find it hard to get found on there. I am now trying to sell through my blog, I have a shop at Society6, and still a shop at Etsy. I sell most of my work through galeries or shows or markets. And I never ever put one original work for sale on more sites. Even though I don't sell that much online, I scares me to think of 2 people buying it and then having to decide who gets it. I do mention my other shops everywhere, so that they know there's more on other sites .... Oh yes, and I also sometimes sell things through my newsletter where I refer to my shops. I admit I am a bit lazy with marketing, but I just don't want to spend all my time on the computer. Need to enjoy the sun now ;-)

  16. I am so late this week... but I have to say that i love the re worked version... and those close ups... the textures and colours make me want to touch the screen... amazing...xx

  17. I love your work. Definitely like the brighter colors in the newest version of the painting!

    I am trying to come up with a system so I can keep better track of things and where they are posted. I especially have problems when I go to art fairs. Haven't really figured out a system yet, but I keep trying!


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