Monday, 25 April 2016

Spirit Animals...The Hawk

Hawk+Spirit animal+spirit animal art+sun flares+milky way+universe+Nicola McLean

This one has been on the back burner for a few weeks while I did the paintings of Skye in the sky and the bee for the Artfinder project. This is actually Hawk 2.0 as I really didn't like the first version I did which was almost an exact opposite of this one - the background was the night sky and the painting in the hawk was of a sunset behind mountains. I just didn't feel it worked so I scrapped it and started again. And I'm glad I did as I prefer this version.

Technically the photo I used for the outline of the bird is of a kestral and not a hawk but they are both from the raptor family with many similarities so I decided not to split hairs (feathers?). Thank to Aschi on Paint My Photo for his reference photo.  

The hawk has several different attributes and meanings. Native Americans saw the hawk as a messenger. It is said to be the messenger of the spirit realm, joining both worlds. It often shows up in our lives when we need to pay attention to the subtle messages around us and from those we come into contact with. If the hawk starts appearing to you in one form or another you should pay attention to the messages it might be bringing and trust your own intuition. It provides wisdom about seeing the bigger picture and looking at things from a higher perspective. 

The reason I painted the hawk next in the series was I kept seeing them everywhere. I mean, that in itself isn't unusual up here but I saw them more frequently and sitting still quite close by where I was and I also had a run of seeing them everywhere online. I'm not quite sure what message they were giving me other than to paint them next!

milky way+mountains+snow+universe+close up+Nicola McLean

I wanted to convey the idea of the higher perspective by showing the hawk soaring high up in a clear blue sky and also the idea of it being a messenger between different realms with the image in the hawk's body depicting the vastness of the universe in the skies above our own wee planet.

When I finished the hawk there seemed to be too much space at the top. I showed it to S and he said it needed something there too so I had a think and came up with sun flares - sometimes these little orbs of light are said to be spirits (but mostly they're simply flares from the camera lens!) In any case, they worked well for this piece especially when I realised that the orbs would run in the same diagonal as the milky way in the body of the hawk!

hawk+raptor+spirit animal+power animal+higher perspective+Nicola McLean+Surreal art

Anyway, that's all my news for this week. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all at Paint Party Friday


  1. I LOVE the addition of the sun flares Nic! They sure are majestic birds but I have to say that when one lands in my yard I shoo him away because I just hate seeing them devour a small bird in front of me. Yes, I have had many feathers to clean up afterwards:( I once had a baby hawk unable to fly (I think it was shocked from hitting a window)that I carefully watched a day or so right out my back door. Just as I was prepared to call someone about it-he was gone. Made me look up the significance of hawks in animal medicine for sure!

  2. I do like the sunlight bubbles.

  3. Oh yes, those little orbs of light are fantastic! They really to add that extra something! I haven't seen many Hawks recently, though a Buzzard recently landed a few feet away from me and a few days later one flew past me at eye-level just yards away... Hmmm... Not sure that counts though... You're the expert!! It's a fabulous painting again Nic... Totally out of the box as your paintings so often are! :0)

  4. Absolutely fantastic again! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Love your fab impressive Hawk Art. So vibrant and beautiful.
    Happy PPF ❤

  6. wild and beautiful pieces. thank you for sharing

  7. You do capture the wild beauty of nature so well, super!

  8. Wonderful, wild and so full of texture! Love this!!
    Happy PPF!!
    MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

  9. That was a great post, and your artwork is amazing. I liked hearing how you came up with the various elements of the piece.

  10. That's really clever the way you have done the sunflares. They really shift and shimmer on the surface. What a lovely painting.
    ♥ Happy PPF

  11. Gorgeous art, love the sun rays. Happy PP Friday!

  12. Beautiful art, Nic, both the paintings and the symbolism. You seem to have such insight into the natural world.

  13. such beautiful work and you explain it all so well too!

  14. Wonderful orbs of light...hawks keep appearing everywhere lately!! Nicely done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. I always enjoy learning more about the spirit animals and their meanings. And how wonderful to see so many of these beautiful birds in the wild! Your painting turned out beautifully. Sometimes it's worth starting again, when it just isn't working, rather than go on and trying to fix it. The sun flares you added work so well, it's just like when you stare up into the sun to watch a big bird circle above you.


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